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Simon Thompson

Each journey is inextricably bound together

I have a great love of light and colour. My photography is usually based in Lancashire, where I enjoy showing the great beauty in the landscape and its rich unique hues. I am delighted when I find a new glade or cascading stream and I am overjoyed when discovering a fascinating image in the day to day sights or in the unexpected event. When the quality of light reveals texture, detail or form, I am enraptured by the power to create a photograph which will show a glimpse of the marvel in our world.

As I explore the world around me, it is as though I explore the world within. Each journey is inextricably bound together. An image reflects the communion between the two journeys.

Simon has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, a master’s degree in Education and a lifelong love of photography. He also holds the PGCE and the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers.