Some surprising therapists

There are quite a number of people who deserve my thanks for helping with my recovery. They probably didn’t realise what they were doing, but they got me out and walking and photoing when I wouldn’t have done otherwise and they got me thinking about my camera and what it can do and renewed my enthusiasm. I don’t want you to misunderstand me here; without my family and friends and a great team of doctors and specialists of one kind or another I would have been stuck. This is a different online group of photographers who really kept my spirits up.

There isn’t a particular order here and there are probably others whose ‘tip of the week’ has made me think. Nevertheless here goes …

Nigel Danson has a very informative vlog which also shows great drone work to say nothing of his photography.

Stuart McGlennon has a great website and huge enthusiasm, as well as success in many competitions and publications

Dave Fieldhouse has a great set of photographs which have inspired me to get out on many an occasion. His photographs have also had great success in competitions

Another great favourite is the work of Rachael Talibart. Her ‘Sirens’ work is justly famous, but I also very much enjoy her more abstract work, such as ‘Traces’.

steel abstract_DSC6388.jpg