black and white

One thousand and counting ...

I am pleased gratified and still quite surprised to find I have more than a thousand followers on my Instagram. Most of this has happened in the last month or so and I have become a bit of an instajunkie checking to see how many likes and comments have popped up on my phone. In fact I turned the notifications off my screen etc because the psychology was definitely working on me and I was starting to look every time one appeared and I had other things to do! There were a couple of key ‘breakthroughs’ when I finally understood how the different pages and tabs worked. Interesting stats come from the ‘Insights’ section and I think these will help with moving me into business mode and selling my work. The most popular post is of the Great Egret. In fact I think that I have some very useful specialised knowledge that a number of businesses could use!

I have found that I have been drawn to produce much more black and white work when posting for Instagram, but I have not yet worked out why, although I have been impressed by some of the high quality photography on show.

I have also been reviewing my work and trying to discern what’s happening. The image below from last August is very different from recent work. I think this would definitely get #moodygram

Beach and Rachel DSC_3562 - Copy.jpg