Latest and earliest

This photograph was the first one that I felt was a proper photograph. I had returned alone to the location and found that I needed to go out further from dry land and cross a completely empty beach. The sense of isolation was intense. Plover Scar Lighthouse was unnerving in the growing dusk and quiet. Overhead the clouds were rapidly changing and the sun was suddenly hidden by a ribbon of cloud. I was uncomfortably aware that where I was setting up my tripod was many feet below the surface at high tide.

Many months later I have returned to this photograph to edit it to try to get it feeling right - it had always been too dark before. So this latest edition has found its place in the latest gallery.

Plover Scar Lighthouse DSC_1320 - Copy.jpg

Of course the jpeg file here on the website or on Instagram is not as rich or detailed as the original, but I keep looking at this photograph, in either form. Even after all the time since I took it, the atmosphere is very expectant.